I don’t have a ‘type’

12 12 2007

I don’t have a ‘type’, I have standards. That means I don’t look for only tall, slim guys or only artists or musicians. Rather, my guy must be educated, speak in complete sentences, want to travel, be willing to try new foods, appreciate the arts, etc. But, if i did have a ‘type’ it would be a mix of:




Lupe (Wasalu)


Just an FYI for all my people with single brothers, cousins, friends and co-workers. 🙂




3 responses

12 12 2007

anderson cooper is soooo handsome!!! it looks like someone sketched his face. i watch his show in the mornings and i love it.

12 12 2007
Erica Cooper

Anderson Cooper is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! period.pointblank. End of discussion!!!


You may think I’m totally crazy but I think Michael Stipe from R.E.M. is completly gorgeous. What can I say………..It’s my favorite band of all times.

12 12 2007

Andy’s all kinds of hotness and sexiness and brains. *drooling* But from what I understand, he and I are interested in the same thing, ya’ dig? lol

Michael Stipe? Yeah I do think you’re totally crazy! lol

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