all verklempt :o(

13 12 2007

I am seriously choked up right now. My cab will arrive in 45 minutes to take me to the airport to begin my long journey back to Atlanta. I know I’ve been with my flat-mates for 3+months, but…well, you just don’t always realize the impact people have on your life until the relationship is forced to change. I took my mates for granted! I love these people. They’re all kind and generous and sweet as they can be. I was luck to be with this group, this diverse bunch of students who enjoy good (and cheap) beer, fun times and music.

The kid is verklempt.

I’m trying so hard not to cry, but saying goodbye is very difficult. My plan was to sneak out the door while everyone was sleeping. Seriously! I didn’t think they’d care and I didn’t think I’d care. I was so wrong. I’ve already shed tears, as has Isa. I’ve gotten lots of hugs and they all want to see me off. It’s really a sweet gesture on their part, but it’s much appreciated. They’ve been so wonderful these past weeks. If I had to dream up an ideal group of people to be with in a foreign country, I don’t think my brain would have even come close to choosing these folks.

Again, all verklempt! *sniff sniff* I’m gonna miss them so much.

We had lots of fun in our last hours together.

Climbing walls like Spiderman!

My weapon of choice.

The best group shot yet!

The girls of the flat (France, Poland, Germany and America representing).

Tatted up!

Miss you guys already.  Promise to keep in touch.




2 responses

14 12 2007

awwwww….. ya’ll look like “We are the World” or “(International) Friends.” You should invite your friends to come to the States or definitely keep in touch via blogs and such!

17 12 2007

OMG it’s over already? That’s crazy! What an amazing experience you had. And I know you’re blue, but England’s loss is America’s gain. Welcome home, Coop! Let’s get together for margaritas and dish about stuff you couldn’t blog about!

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