Back on domestic soil

17 12 2007

I’m back in Atlanta!  I made it safely on Friday with half of my luggage.  Right.  The other half (which included my shoes, clothes, everything I purchased in Scotland and London, random cords and my Canon 20D digital slr) is still missing.  I’m really worried about the camera most of all.  But, at least I made it here safely.

As soon as I filed my navigated my way through the airport and filed my baggage claim, my mom was waiting for me.  YAY!!  Of course I gave her a big hug…then asked for some sweet tea.  She’d made some and I drank much of it that night.  I ate one of my favorite veggie burgers from Red Robin, called some friends (and NONE of them answered the phone so I stopped calling folks!) and just relaxed.  It was good to watch television again, too.

I really want to upload a few of the last pics I took, but the cord for my point-and-shoot camera was in the lost bag.  It’s not a standard plug and I refuse to purchase another until I know for sure that the bag isn’t returning to me.  So…no pics for now.

Oh yeah, and I got an iPhone today.  :-/  I’m not in love with it.  I have 13 days to decide.  We’ll see what happens.  The issue is that I’ve been so spoiled by all the crackberries I’ve had that new stuff is had to adjust too.  And after all, it does make phone calls which is all a phone really needs to do.  I’m still debating on keeping the phone.  I also got a rice cooker!  lol

This post seems extra boring without the pics.  😦  I’m so bummed about my luggage!!!




One response

18 12 2007

Sorry to hear about your luggage but hope you will be receiving a call from the Airport soon…. You got a lot of good stuff when you returned home! YEAH!! The rice cooker in itself is priceless….

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