Lessons from my girls

21 12 2007

For some reason, all the conversations I’ve had in the last week with my girls have been really deep…like earth-shattering!  Seriously.  We’ve talked about some real issues lately and I kinda wasn’t expecting it.  In short, this is what I’ve learned:

  • ‘old head’ Greeks who still shimmy at parties of people half their age are lame
  • loyalty is relative
  • loyalty is sometimes inconvenient
  • convenience stifles potential and innovation
  • life hurts
  • my boss is from Perry Homes
  • educated, childless and felony-free 20-something men are hard to come by here
  • dogs and good credit are the new hot accessories
  • relationships can grow, flourish and die just like people
  • Morehouse men are really full of themselves
  • we’re hot stuff
  • I have a career
  • my friends love me and I love them more

That’s all for now.  This list will be growing in the upcoming weeks.




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