Chrima party

22 12 2007

Every year, a friend from high school has a Christmas (‘chrima’ in his language) party. This year, I had so much fun. I played Wii for the first time and saw someone I hadn’t seen in nearly 7 years.

The weird thing about this year’s get-together is that I didn’t care who else went. I was determined to go. Usually I won’t go if I can’t ride with someone or if I’m gonna be alone, but I just wanted to go and chill with my people so badly that it didn’t matter…and what a difference that makes! This is gonna sound so corny, but I felt like I was being more honest that night than ever before, not that I’m always telling lies or anything. Sometimes not divulging information is just as bad as being dishonest, but I digress. And I wasn’t drinking, so don’t even think it was liquor talking.

The infamous pasta salad that I’ve been jonesing for everyday since senior year of high school.

I met the one on the left in elementary school and the other in middle school…over 11 years ago. Time flies.

I went. I had fun. I ate some of that slap-yo-mama-good pasta salad his mom makes. I become a Wii fan. I talked trash about some ‘old heads’ with my girl. I enjoyed my people’s company.

Good times.




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