“Getting over” revisited

22 12 2007

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My boss has a ton of respect for my former roommate. Today I realized that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Everyone is respected and uplifted by someone and it’s not my place to taint an image because of my personal views. I think I just got over that situation.
You see, I respect my boss and her decisions. She’s very educated with a unique perspective on the world. This morning she said some very nice things about her to me, not knowing fully how I once felt about the ex-roomie. Just months ago I was full of anger and disgust for her. Now, that’s not so much true. I will not disrespect her and I am not in a position to taint someone else’s image. That’s selfish and I wouldn’t want you to base your feelings about me on what someone has told you. Anger requires a ton of energy and I’m no longer willing to dedicate my energy to it. Anger is destructive to yourself and people around you. Anger makes you ugly. I’m not angry. I was happy to be that friend who would be angry for my friends, furious at their boyfriends for a misdeed or malicious towards a coworker who disrespected them. I respect everyone’s right to feel just as they do and will forever support my friends, but my energy can’t instinctively go to anger much longer.
By no means am I best friends with the ex, but I’m over it now…I think! Why? Now I feel secure in me, accomplished for what I’ve achieved and blessed for what I have. Anger takes energy and attention away from all of that good stuff. There’s just no point. It’s a very nirvana-esque feeling: peace, tranquility and acceptance. That’s where I am now.
So I think I answered my own question before, the question about how to get over something. It seems like taking care of yourself and taking time for yourself will help you to deal with it in due time.
Time is a gift.




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