Graduation + German Riesling

22 12 2007

Candace convinced me at the 11th hour to participate in my graduation ceremony. I had an absolute blast! The ceremony was short and decent, considering it’s the school’s first combined ceremony at the dome. The fireworks and streamers were great!

At Chow Baby afterwards. We got there at 4:15 only to learn that they didn’t open ’til 5. We came back at 5:05 and there was a line across the restaurant! That place stays busy, but they have the best apple mojitos in town.

And this is my new favorite wine:





3 responses

22 12 2007

It’s Riesling (REEZ-LING ;)), not Reisling. Hope you don’t miss Newcastle too much. Merry Christmas šŸ™‚


22 12 2007

Dangit Hannes! OK, I’m changing it now. Oops…
Merry Christmas to you too!!

22 12 2007

Congrats, cutie pie!

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