Back in the day

2 01 2008

Oh yeah. I found some old pics while cleaning up. My fabulousness started a long time ago! 🙂


Mom’s gonna kill me for this.

She finally let the jheri curl go.

Please respect the analog/digital PlaySkool watch.

This is wrong in so many ways. Let’s try to name all the fashion missteps: plastic earrings, finger waves, pink sweater with embroidered cat, yellow ribbon on cat, teal pleated skirt, lace stockings and oversized mock-neck turtleneck. This is why I wear jeans and t-shirts all the time now.

First day of 6th grade. Mom loved Olan Mills.


Big sis had the curl too.

Junior prom where I last saw both of these gloves.

3rd or 4th grade. I loved that outfit.

Again, please respect the Homie the Clown t-shirt and the neon, nylon jumpsuit.

Prom with Dave. You should always go to big events with folks you know you can have fun with.

My “project” picture. But it’s really in the projects.


2nd grade. Do you see all that hair?


Another “project” picture with My Little Pony.

Varsity sweaters were big around ’95.

Jheri was the devil!

More absolute cuteness.

Mom was natural too.




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