Christmas with the fam

3 01 2008

It was so good to see my people over the holiday break! There were no presents from me (sorry y’all), but there was lots of good fun and food. I caught up on my movies (Glory Road, The Great Debaters, Why did I get married, Stomp the Yard) and watched a bunch of sports. Fun, fun, fun!!

The girls were happy on Christmas morning.

Little boys like electronics.

This picture makes me laugh out loud!!

I do love my nephew.

Me and my sis.

Big sis, little sis and nephew after seeing The Great Debaters.

Auntie and her nephew.

A house divided. This picture makes me smile.

My sister’s leather boots. Leather snow boots. She lives in Florida. Right.

The girls!

This was my shirt just last week. It was cuter on her.

Auntie with her niece and nephew watching Talladega Nights for the 3rd time in 2 days.

Watching The Great Debaters for the 2nd time!




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