Grocery shopping shouldn’t be difficult

14 01 2008

Grocery shopping is an easy outing for most people.  You probably go to a local store or travel a little further to a less expensive store to pick up your essentials for the next week or 2.  Not me!

Food shopping for me is a major thing.  I make no less than 3 stops and it’s very strategic.  Let me walk you through it:

Stop #1: Your DeKalb Farmer’s Market.  It’s the furthest from my home but has an amazing variety of fruits, grains, vegetables, soy products, etc.  They about 9 different kinds of potatoes yesterday.  They also have fresh baked bread and I like to grab a loaf of sunflower seed bread from there.  You just can’t find it anywhere else.  You can also get fresh frozen peas and vegetables and dried fruit.

Stop #2: Sevananda.  It’s a co-op and I’m a member so I get a small discount off of purchases.  Sevananda always has fresh dates available and YDFM doesn’t.  Sevananda’s philoosophy is that if an animal has to die to make the food, they don’t sell it.  So there’s no meat in the store but there are lots of veggie-friendly things like eggless mayo, milk-less cheese, bulk nuts, tea, grains, peas and rice and lots of beauty products.  I stock up on my Burt’s Bees facial cleansers and soaps there.

Stop #3 (optional): Cosmos Vegan Shoppe.  This is a tiny little store but everything in it is free from animal products.  They have cheeses, crackers, jerky, cereal, pasta and beauty products.  If I’m unsure of the contents of something at another store, I will refrain from buying it until I confirm that its sold at Cosmos.  They sell these really good lemon drop candies too.

Stop #4 (optional): Whole Foods.  They have a great selection of produce, wine and foods but they’re entirely too expensive.  YDFM usually tops their fruit selection, but Whole Foods’ hot bar is great!  Plus they have more juices to choose from.

Stop #5: Kroger.  So once I’ve gotten everything that I need at a reasonable price, all the other stuff I pick up at Kroger for extra-cheap.  Stuff like boxed cereal, granola bars and bottled water are purchased here.

So that’s a grocery shopping day if I have time.  Each store is a little closer to home than the previous and I do put a cooler in the car to keep cold foods cold.  Usually I only go to the Farmer’s Market and Kroger.  I do enjoy shopping for food!

This is insane.




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14 01 2008

WOW!!! And I thought I spent too much time grocery shopping. You are very fortunate to have all those stores/shops in your area. I only have a few shopping options and Whole Check…huhhum…I mean Whole Foods is my only main option. There’s a Natural Food store chain called Chamberlins but their prices are higher than Whole Foods. Happy to hear someone else likes grocery shopping as much as I do… Are you gonna start posting pics of your dishes?

14 01 2008

Yeah Atlanta’s pretty good for finding varieties of food. Whole Check is the worst! Just bought a pint of dairy-free sorbet from there. Pineapple coconut is so yummy!!

I’ll start posting pics. I have a few pics of meals but I haven’t made any major dishes.

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