C.T. Vivian and my j-o-b

20 01 2008

I was honored at a recent ceremony at my university with the “Torch of Peace” award for the promotion of inter-cultural relations.  I was nominated by 2 of my professors which made it even more awesome!  The ceremony was lovely and when I get the pics, I’ll post.
The BEST part of the ceremony was being able to hear C. T. Vivian speak.  I was in tears for much of the time.  I even got a picture with him!!  He actually stood, marched and worked with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and spoke a lot about him.  He has dedicated his life to preaching and uniting people in peace.  At 83  (?) years old, he’s still teaching and preaching and looks doggone good.

I wanna be C. T. Vivian when I grow up.  I’m still in awe of that night.


The j-o-b has gone from bad to worse.  I realized today that I accepted this job way back in the summer and my circumstances changed drastically between then and now.  The director contacted me because she knew my focus was in the non-profit sector.  Not until I began working was I informed that the organization was really a for-profit company and that she was efficiency-driven.  I’m a non-profit girl (which is why she contacted me, I thought) and I’m program and effectiveness driven.  I’m not cut-throat and never claimed to be.  She is.  And it’s not a good working environment for me. But, like 75% of America, I must work.  I’ve been away from full-time employment for a year, and the vacation is over; Coop needs income ASAP.  This position is not for me and I’m wondering why she ever contacted me to work for her for-profit knowing that I had no experience or interest in maximizing profit.  I’m just the opposite.


I’m hopeful that I’ll be rich sooner than later.




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23 01 2008

Congrats on the award! Sorry about the j-o-b.

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