Yes we can. And I did.

5 02 2008

Super Tuesday 

I shed tears on my way to work today.  I thought about the magnitude of this election.  I thought of the sacrifices made for me so that this day could be possible-a day when a woman and a Black man are viable candidates for the American presidency.  I thought about the people who saw the importance of this day.  I thought about both campaigns, their differences.  I thought about the hope that was taken away from us in 2000 and the hope that’s being promised for 2008.  I thought and I cried.  I smiled and I gave thanks. 

I wished my grandparents could have seen this.




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5 02 2008

I thought about those things today, too. Although I fear that I will never be able to cast my vote for the first Black president, I am so proud to be living in a world at a time when this could happen. Hmmmm….I TRULY wished that I could have voted today.

5 02 2008


5 02 2008


8 02 2008

Unfortunately, I will not be able to vote this tuesday in the Potomac Primary because I forgot to mail in my registration before the deadline. I will however be voting this fall!

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