I could be wrong

10 02 2008

I kinda had a panic attack in Target a few hours ago.  For the past few days, I’ve been thinking a lot about my path I’m on.   I’ve had jobs in my field and been unsatisfied with each one.  I’ve been unsatisfied with my pay and with my mobility options.  But I  still really like non-profits and probably always will.

I’m beginning to think that in my zeal to be the first in the family to graduate, I neglected an important aspect of college: study what you love.  I fear that I’ve neglected that voice in my head telling me that I’d always loved music and should stick to it.  I fear that maybe I’ve been wrong in choosing to focus on the area(s) I have

I’ve always thought that I should have taken a year or 2 off after high school.  I had absolutely no focus going into college and it showed.  I envy people who’ve always wanted to be vets, dentists, doctors, policeman and lawyers.  I was never a girl who was sure of what her future held.  I’m still unsure.  And it hit me in the middle of school supplies in Target.  Sweating, crying, slight hyperventilating

…next to child-proof scissors.

I’ll continue to pray for guidance.




2 responses

12 02 2008

I feel you. At times, I can barely concentrate to save my life. I wanted to take a year off from school. But I didn’t. I personally think that there are times when there’s a line when deciding your major. Do you do what you love? Or do you do what pays the bills? Have you ever thought of taking a few years off then going back to school for music?

12 02 2008

I’m thinking of taking time off now. THINKING ’cause doing that right now isn’t an option. Coop has d-e-b-t. lol I’m absolutely sure I’ll get back into my music sooner than later. Stay tuned…

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