Obama kicks

14 02 2008

Oh yes we can!  lol 

Yes we can! lol

Happy Singles Awareness Day (AKA ode-to-consumerism day BKA little-naked-man-with-an-arrow day).




6 responses

14 02 2008

I’m not a sneaker wearer, but I would bust these in a heartbeat!! I love me some, Obama! Thanks for strollin’ through Rantings of a Rebella. I’m adding you to the blogroll. I love your talk.


15 02 2008

Yo Coop, Those are fly! U know where I can get those in a size 15?

15 02 2008

B-Thanks for stopping by!

bbran1-Nah folk, I don’t even know who made those. Good luck trying to get ’em.

16 02 2008


17 02 2008

Wow. I think…. I think I would rock these. With an I heart Obama tee. Yup. That sounds like the perfect outfit. I’d wear it to the polls.

3 12 2008

where can i get dem in a size 10.5?

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