20-something bloggers stand up!

21 02 2008

OK so I read lots of blogs regularly and most are from folks older than me.  There’s nothing wrong with it, but it’s kinda like being a freshman in high school and only hanging around the seniors.  It kinda makes you feel cool to be accepted by them, but you have a totally different set of priorities and issues than they do.  So…

I need all my 20-something bloggers to stand up!  Leave your site in the comments.  If you know of others, leave their site in the comments.  I’m gonna update my blogroll to include more youngins blogging.  But make sure they type in complete sentences.  I don’t have time to decipher postings.




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21 02 2008

What up Coop?!? This is ya boy brran1 as you already know. Here’s a link for someone I go to school with:


21 02 2008

@bbran1 aww thanks:-)

Hey Coop! yea comments on bbran1’s blog. I had to steal your Air force pic but i gave you credit. anyway, I feel like there arent that many young bloggers out there either but here are some you can add to your blogodex lol


21 02 2008

I meant to write i read your comments on bbran1’s blog

21 02 2008

Hey. Fellow 20-something blogger here. I’m loving your list of irritants! I think if I made a list, it would go on and on and on and on…LOL

22 02 2008

Oooh! Me me meeeeee lol 🙂


23 02 2008

Sooo true! But to be honest, it’s hard to find people around our age writing well!

27 02 2008

I’m late but one time for 20-somethin’ bloggers. I’ve already added you to my blogroll. Check me out at:

Rantings of a Rebella-http://dblackness.blogspot.com


Clumps of Mascara-http://dblacknessmac.blogspot.com

I’ve got a personal blog and beauty blog for newbies thang goin’ on. See ya ‘roun.

13 03 2008
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[…] bloggers (revisited) 13 03 2008 A little while back, I did a little roll-call for bloggers in their twenties.  Thanks for everyone who gave me their url, btw. Well my plan was to compile them into a list or […]

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