21 02 2008

Random list of stuff I don’t like that seems to be very popular right now.  I’m just not with it (right now) and I don’t apologize… suckers!
“If I don’t like it, I don’t like it.  That don’t mean that I’m hatin'” – Com

Lupe doggone Fiasco.  Ugh.  He’s cute and all, but EVERY TIME I listen to him I’m overcome with sadness over his unrealized potential.  I think we want him to be better than he is.  And he does not get credit for being a half-step or two above average.  Dude isn’t the truth like folks believe.

The “woman” dude.  “Love behind the melody” dude.  Coop just can’t get with him.  That “customer” song is just irritating.


The large car necessity.  If you’re not constantly transporting serious cargo or a buttload of children, you really need to consider downsizing your vehicle.  It’s ridiculous.  America contributes over one-third of the greenhouse gases of THE PLANET.  If you are a single woman, you do not need a damn SUV.  As a status symbol,

Genital herpes commercials with people laughing like everything’s copacetic.  It’s not.  Stop frontin’.

Poorly written blogs.  People, it’s open to the public.  Everyone doesn’t understand your local lingo.  Let’s keep it simple with a subject, verb and maybe even a predicate.  If you wanna get fancy, throw in some compound words and adjectives.  And stop writing in all caps.  It frightens me.

Flavor Flav.

Personal attacks on political candidates…or on anyone, for that matter.  If you disagree with someone’s policies, that’s cool.  Don’t go talking about their kids and mama because you think you could provide free healthcare to all of North America.

Dishonesty in relationships.  Yeah that ish seems to be very popular right now…especially among spouses of educated, Black women who live in Atlanta…and are on my speed dial.  *sigh*

Prosperity preachers.  It’s illogical to think that EVERYBODY can be rich.  You’re promoting inflation, playboy.

Medium-point pens.  Fine tips are so much better.  Especially Pentel RSVP and Staedtler fineliner!  lol

Kobe “loser” Bryant.  Dude whines and flops (and scores the game-winning shot) too often.  Grow up Kobe.  We know your wife is calling the shots and you need to exert your manhood on the court to make up for the silent servitude your living in at home.  We know, Kobe.  We know.

Sober Mary J. Blige.  Yep, I said it and I know I’m not alone.  When Mary was jacked up on coke and whatever else, her albums were awesome.  Now I have a hard time even following her rhyme patterns.  Bring back the crackhead!  But she looks fabulous.

I need to do this more often!




One response

21 02 2008

Great list- I think I’ll do the same! And I totally agee with you about the GH commercials and MJB.

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