The bilingual debate

21 02 2008

Should the US be bilingual?  Hmm…

Here’s my stance: everything doesn’t need to be legislated.  There is no need to “make” America bilingual.  It’s gonna happen anyway!  It’s happening everyday.  And those of us who are not fluent in another language are at a growing disadvantage in the growing global market.  Forget Spanish, business is conducted across the globe and involves much more than Spanish-speaking workers in America.  OPEN YOUR EYES PEOPLE!  In any occupation at all, being fluent in 2 languages will put you at an increasing advantage over monolingual people.  When I was in England, each of my flat-mates was AT LEAST bilingual.  One of my French mates spoke French, German, English and Arabic.  There is no way you can tell me that speaking 4 languages makes her uncompetitive in the global market.

No way.

So, back to this making-America-bilingual debate…it’s gonna happen.  For folks who wanna increase their knowledge of the world and interact with people from other cultures, countries and continents, they will learn new languages.  I do believe, however, that our schools should require that students at a young age learn new languages.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  Adios folks!




3 responses

22 02 2008

I was going to learn a 2nd language….

Me: Here are the classes I want to take.
Advisor lady: I see. What’s with the Spanish class?
Me: It’s not required?
AL: No. That would be an elective.
Me: Oh. Well. I don’t have room for electives right now.
*Me thinking to myself*: Why doesn’t an Ed. major need to know a 2nd lingo? Wth?

22 02 2008

I stopped taking Spanish in the 11th Grade. I’m gonna see how much those Rosetta Stone sets cost, b/c you’re right about having an upper hand in the work place.

26 02 2008

I agree. It’s totally necessary and embarrassing that we as a nation only speak one language.

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