krusty lips

28 02 2008

Back in my elementary school days, I wasn’t such a stickler for basic hygeine.  I didn’t like to put on lotion (still don’t), I didn’t carry chapstick always (now I do) and I definitely didn’t care about my hair and if my clothes matched.  I remember thinkink way back then that much of it was necessary.

Well there was a small group of boys who walked home the same way I did.  I was a bit of a tomboy back then, prefering to hang with the opposite sex than comp doll hair and play house.  The boys were pretty cool and kinda served as my bodyguards in case one of the local chicks tried to fight me.  *memories*

I can’t tell you what sparked the change, but one day Shawn* decided to make fun of my chapped lips.  It started on the playground (I will NEVER forget) and continued through the walk home. Of course, I had none of my mom’s Avon Dew Kiss to moisturize, so I was stuck with ashy lips.  He just went on and on about them and even starting a song, a very simple song, but a song no less.  It went
Krusty Lips
Krusty Lips

It was juvenile but my feelings were so hurt.  I just couldn’t walk fast enough to get home.  And they were walking right behind me.  It was torture.  Once I got inside my place and locked the door, I heard him still singing right in front of the door…
Krusty Lips
Krusty Lips

I’m sure you know that from that day on, I had some Dew Kiss in my pocket.

But the funny part of it all is how this has affected me as an adult.  I must always have blistex or carmax or vaseline or something in my purse.  If I don’t, I gotta make a stop at the store.  I always here that song playing in my head…still, like something Bart would use to make fun of Lisa!

So on Sunday after I left the PT job, I stopped at Whole Foods to get some dinner and guess who I saw.  Yep.  Shawn.  I saw him before he saw me and made a bee-line to hide in the wine section.  Mind you, we went to high school together too so it’s been a while since I last saw him, but not that long.  I put down my vegetable dumplings, dug out the carmax and lathered it on.  I wanted to make sure my lips were glistening when he saw me, especially since I was looking pretty HAMtastic in my work clothes and shoes with paint on them.  I got myself right, and stepped back over to the prepared foods section, pretending to not see him. 
“Coop” I hear.  Pretending to be surprised, I turn towards him and say “Shawn?  Oh hey there!”  LOL  We exchanged a friendly hug…and I left carmax on his shirt!!  You see, he’s about 10″ taller than me and was holding food in one hand.  He didn’t see the stain.  I pretended to be in a hurry and, again, bee-lined outta there.

But my lips were not krusty!  🙂
What a day.




3 responses

28 02 2008

ROTFL!!!! I’m a chapstick addict and my lips are chapped year round so I feel you. Happy that your last encounter with Shawn was a “krustiless” one.

29 02 2008

Shawn: *looks down at shirt when you are gone* What the heck is this on my shirt man?

Lol… Crusty no more! I am THE same way. I keep lip stuff on me and get mad when I lose the tube.

1 03 2008

Funny story!

I slather on the vaseline at night before I go to bed. Never to have dry lips!

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