If I didn’t have to work

3 03 2008

Mondays are my one day off each week.  Usually I hang around doing much of nothing, just catching up on sleep and running little errands.  I try to go grocery shopping too when I have the energy.

Well today, I’m not doing any of that.  I’m going to read to my friend’s 3rd grade class after lunch then I’m going to offer some assistance to a women’s substance abuse shelter.  In the evening, I’m going to catch up with a friend from school for some tapas and drinks.

If I didn’t have to work, I’d have a great life.




3 responses

3 03 2008

Still sounds like a fabulous day. How does your friend like teaching 3rd grade?

Friday is the day!!! 😀

4 03 2008

She loves it. Her class is mostly Hispanic though and she has some difficulty comminucating with some of the parents. The kids are great!

Friday? The Friday that just passed?? How’d it go?

4 03 2008

Communication… Ugh… I will probably have the same problem. There are a lot of Hispanics in this area. And my university (God bless it… or maybe not… lol) did not require education majors to take a foreign language. Isn’t that dumb?

No. The Friday coming up 🙂

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