4 03 2008

I kinda hate to keep bitching about the job, but certain situations call for certain reactions.

I was offered this position when I was working as an unpaid intern with a major non-profit.  That’s my love.  It was a great internship but my bank account was crying.  The director knew me from church and from my previous work.  She offered me a contracted position for 6-7 months at a nice salary-a salary I deserved having completed all of my education and experience up until then. 

So while I was away, I wasn’t looking for jobs.  She sent me the plan, who would be assisting me and exactly what was expected.  Cool.  I started in December but she had me working on a seperate project.  I should’ve walked out then.

How bout this position’s pay has gone from the initial salary for 6-7 months, to the initial salary for 12 months (cut in half!) to now a part-time position at $15/hour.  They make that at Whole Foods.  I got my official contract today, 3 months into working for this lady.

I am being screwed and I know it but I have absolutely nowhere to go.  I’ve sent out resumes and I’ve gotten some calls back from non-profits but I can’t afford to make less money than I did in 2006.

Y’all this job has drained me physically and mentally.  I’m “off” at 6 but never off because I have a damn work cell phone.  Had to take a call at 10:30 last night about one of the participants being missing.  I couldn’t sleep after that.  I have to serve as a taxi on Saturdays picking folks up.  I have to deal with ever-changing needs from an unorganized director.  And I have to travel to the other side of town to do so.

I seriously feel that I’m at my end.  I can’t take anymore.  If I was gonna work for $15 I could have put in an application for retail, where shuttling folks and writing weekly and monthly reports isn’t required.  And where being “off” means BEING OFF!

I really can’t believe this has happened.




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