The craziest 24 hours ever

10 03 2008

1st THANKS A MILLION for sending happy vibes!  It was a really rough patch.  Things are getting better.  I might write about that.  But on to the good stuff… 

So Saturday night,  2 girly friends and I decided to grab a late dinner. We didn’t leave our side of town til 10 so our dining options were limited. We settled on a cozy Asian spot on Ponce and feasted on some decent rolls and pot stickers. Yummy!

While eating, another friend is texting my dear friend Harpo telling her that a bunch of her friends from her previous school were at her coworkers bday bash and the bday girl was inviting us to join them.  So off we went.
Sidebar: Amongst this group of people, I’m known as”kilroy”, my dear friend is “harpo”, there’s “tiki”, “melee”, “rocco”, “2 sweet”, “d strong” and some others I can’t think of.  This isn’t just for the sake of this story; no one uses real names in public!  hilarious.  end sidebar

The party was nice. It was in a clubhouse in a community in the Lindbergh/Buckhead area of Atlanta. She had a cool bartender, good DJ, nice vittels and a really cool crowd of folks.  Her brothers, on the other hand, are a bit wild. Dudes started fighting each other in the stairwell over some unknown issue. They stopped but bro #1 was still amped and full of testosterone, so he decided to try and chump another guy, Choir Boy. Choir Boy is a good guy. He doesn’t drink or smoke, always makes it to church on Sunday and Wednesday, doesn’t use foul language and is just really pleasant to be around. But Choir Boy’s no punk either. He’s gonna stand his ground, but in a respectful way. So bro #1 tried Choir Boy…and then began fight #2. All is fine again-the guys are throwing fists in the stairwell so the crowd just stayed in the main party room and waited for it to calm down. But here comes another guy, Melee, swinging a bottle!  Dude hit bro #1 in the head with the bottle. Glass is flying everywhere. There’s blood on the walls and the fighting hasn’t stopped. Somehow, they stop fighting and go to clean themselves up, but testerone is still pumpin. There was blood on the carpet, in the bathrooms, all over the floors and walls. Initially we thought it was from bro #1, but then we saw Choir Boy’s back all bloody and Melee’s hand looking like he was recovering from surgery. Yuck.
Fast forward through more drama. Bro#1 and his recently released from prison homie are looking for Melee because they want him to pay, with money and pain. Bro goes to the hospital and has to get staples in him head. They want Melee to pay for that. Meanwhile, Melee needs to get stitched up too…but can’t go to the same hospital as bro #1!  It was CRAZY!!

Just before all this, around 2:30am, we were making plans to go bowling at this 24 hour spot. That got squashed pretty quick. Everyone was so spooked by all the fighting and blood that we just wanted to chill. So all of my girls met at Kroger and just sat in the car and talked for bout 45min.

Harpo’s guy friend called her so we made a pit stop there for bout an hour. Tried to help him find his keys, watched some dumb Chuckie movie and ate some Krispy Krack donuts. Tiki took a power nap; I probably did too.

Finally, Rocco called and said that they were trying to chill at his spot and get away from Buckhead. We all agreed that this was a good idea so we met them there.
But they weren’t chillin; it was party #2 at like 5am!  You go to a DJ’s house you know he’s gonna have crazy music equipment. Rocco was spinning more records, had put some food out, had a mic on for bootleg karaoke and put in a movie on the TV downstairs. We were still kinda shaky from the events, but that helped us to chill out. No one knows where the energy came from, but we were there until 9am…no joke. And that’s not including any kind of nap!
Once we did finally leave (after dance contests, doing out best Dreamgirls’ impressions, touring Rocco’s new place) we went home and passed out!
But that’s not it. Around 4, Rocco started grilling out. So we went back to Rocco’s again!!  Stayed til midnight.

And that’s the craziest 24 hours ever.




5 responses

11 03 2008

That sounds like a good time…minus the blood and violence!

12 03 2008

LOL, yep….I concur. Glad that you are havin’ some positive moments!

12 03 2008

damn! when bottles are being smashed you know you had a crazy time.

13 03 2008

@thaboogiemonsta – the blood was disgusting, but the dancing was fantastic!

@D.Blac – thanks for the happy vibes homie. Sending them back to you.

@apollocreed – exactly! by night’s end, there was a price tag on dude’s head though. seriously.

13 03 2008

Wow girl! That is a crazy weekend. Much milder than my driving home at 4am after getting my locks done. I’ma come hang with you! lol

I’m not surprised Choir Boy could fight. Even the good ones have some fight in them!

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