20-something bloggers (revisited)

13 03 2008

A little while back, I did a little roll-call for bloggers in their twenties.  Thanks for everyone who gave me their url, btw.
Well my plan was to compile them into a list or page or tab or something on my page…but I never got around to it.  lol  Good news is that now I don’t have to!  Thanks to brran, I found this fabulous site/network of bloggers in their twenties that’s taken the work out of my assigned task.  Ning.com is great for connecting to folks with all kinds of connections and similar interests.  I’m still mastering the site.  Seems cool.

Random rant – Am I the only one who’s annoyed by the tags and categories in wordpress?  That’s the one thing I miss about the other site I was using .  I just can’t remember what I’ve put as a tag, what I’ve made into a category, what is the parent and what’s the child!  AAAAARRRGH!!  If you have the secret to unlocking this headache, please share.




One response

19 03 2008

Damn, guess I am too old then. *sigh*

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