Random stuff

13 03 2008

A transformer blew today.  4 complexes on the main street plus a gas station were without power.

I’m dating!
I might become a teacher.  The job prospects with my (mis)education aren’t cutting it.

I really wanna put in my 2 weeks notice tomorrow.  It’s already typed.

I send out 3-12 resumes a day.

I fried potatoes last Tuesday and the smell JUST left the house.

My professor has asked me to co-author an article with him.  Yippee!

I really wanna see Portland and Seattle before the year is over.

Mom’s recovering well from her surgery.  The anesthesia has her really nauseous still.

I’m hopeful.

I’ve been trying to wash my hair for 4 days.

Having kids has been on my mind constantly.




One response

15 03 2008

Teacher? DO IT! DO IT! [no pressure ;)]

Yay for dating.

Yay for the article! What is it going to be about?

Glad your mom is doing well 🙂

I WISH I could wash mine. My head is itch. I have to wait another week :-/

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