Reunion + my fave teenage Scottish dude

18 03 2008

So… when I said I was dating again, I really meant I had dusted off some old phone numbers.  Technically, I’m dating, but it’s no one new.  I needed to admit that to myself.  AFF hit this issue right on the head.  Little things reminded me of some old flames and, well, I just wanted some attention!

The artist and I have been hanging out a lot lately.  All is well.  I’m afraid to draw any conclusions based on a few dinners.  So I won’t.  But you know I am.

My brain is moving 150 mph now and it’s been like that for the past few days.  It’s like the road runner – beep beep.  pyuuuuung! 

THIS song is stuck in my head:

Love me some Paolo.




3 responses

20 03 2008

Nice song. I don’t think I have heard it before.

I’m afraid to draw any conclusions based on a few dinners. So I won’t. But you know I am.
Girl you are silly… lol…

I am still getting heat about the Mayweather post I did over a month ago. What is the deal man? And they are doing it on the low too… Posting comments in a way that I can’t find them. The last girl posted her name as “Such-n-Such MAYWEATHER”. Issues much?

And yes I have a crush 😉 Not saying any names though.

21 03 2008

I LOVE Paolo. The whole album is nice – check it out.

LOL. I’m trying not to…but I am. It’s a sick cycle!

Over Mayweather? Get your cousins girl. That’s just a mess. Not that serious AT ALL!

21 03 2008

Yes over Mayweather. One girl made up an account just to comment. Has no blog, but has a blogger account just so she can comment. And I know this
because she only has 3 profile views… All of them me.

Like Michael & Lisa Marie said… *sings* “You are not alone….* lol. I think go through the same cycle.

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