Chris Rock and Zpizza

22 03 2008

Friday night, Tiki and I went to see Chris Rock at the Fox…and my face STILL hurts from laughing so hard! Some memorable lines are:

  • Skinny girl to big girl “Do they free base gravy?”
  • Re: dollar bills “Consider them rapist trading cards”
  • “When you hear ‘Barack Obama’ you expect to see a guy with a spear.
  • Re: Hillary “Being married to someone does not qualify you to do their job.”
  • Spitters are quitters!

That was my first comedy show and won’t be my last. Tiki and I were surprised at how long he was on stage – 2 hours!

After the show, we hit up my new favorite eatery, Zpizza, for some grub. That doggone Berkley soy veggie pizza is heaven in wheat dough.  Here’s my dinner

Berkley soy veggie pizza on wheat dough

Hope y’all are having a good weekend.




6 responses

22 03 2008

what ever happened to meat and deep dish pizze

22 03 2008

Chris Rock is hilarious and that pizza looks good!! YUM!

23 03 2008

Girl you know Chris Rock is a dang nut!

Since I know you don’t eat meat, I won’t cosign to rawdawg’s comment.

23 03 2008

Ummmm, yeah, that pizza sounds nasty! You couldn’t get mushroom and onion???

25 03 2008

Chris Rock was really Funny!!! We were hoping to catch up with you when we found out you were going. Oh well next time!!!

26 03 2008

That looks so good and tasty to me, it is hard to found pizza on wheat bread. yummy!

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