Still waiting

31 03 2008

Of all of the schools I applied to, I’ve heard back from 5.  Only 1 positive response from Cleveland State.  It’s better than none, right?  I’m still holding out for that 6th school, which happens to be my first choice.  Being somewhat familiar with the admissions process, and going through this with a classmate, I know that Indiana has offered admissions packages to some students already…like several weeks ago.  I also know that all of those students will not accept the packages.  I know that the majority of Indiana’s rejection letters have been mailed out as well.  That basically leaves me in a holding pattern.  I’m not mad about it.

What I believe is going on right now is that they liked me enough to think I’d contribute to their program, but I wasn’t in their top 10 (or 20).  They didn’t reject me.  If some of their top 10 go elsewhere (I know for sure 1 is going to Syracuse.  Congrats Clo!!), there will be an acceptance and financial aid package available for me.  I’m just waiting.  I’ve asked several times for my decision and they refuse to tell me “no”.  They keep pushing back the notification date…so they’re waiting.  I’m waiting.  Waiting oh so patiently.

Wish me luck y’all.  Indiana is the PERFECT program for me.  No, I don’t have money to move and no, I don’t know if I can afford to live off of a monthly stipend but I PROMISE you I will make it work if they give me a chance.

Just wanted to update you.
I’m off to the grocery store.  I’m making veggie chili for dinner!




5 responses

31 03 2008

I’ll keep my fingers, toes, legs, arms, and eyes crossed for you girl. I know what the waiting feels like.

And our boy Floyd won last night at the WWE ppv 😀

I am mad he had on fur & leather though.

31 03 2008

Good Luck Coop!

1 04 2008

Good Luck!!!

1 04 2008

Thanks y’all.
Mel – that outfit is HAMtastic!

2 04 2008

A hot … mess is what it was. I bet he was struggling to walk b/c it was so heavy.

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