2 04 2008

Have you heard?

New Kids then

Wanna see what they look like now? *Drum roll please!* Now:


I know I am probably the only person who will admit to being excited, but New Kids On the Block are back! Seriously!!! They’re performing Friday on the Today Show. Dudes are in their 30s (what?!) and looking quite nice. I’m not afraid to admit it.
I’m also not afraid to admit that I had an embroidered NKOTB sweater with all of their names on it…and I wore it to school every week when it was cold. I had no shame.
And I had the songs memorized. How? By listening to each song 10 seconds at a time, pressing “pause” on my TAPE PLAYER and writing down the lyrics. Yep. I wanted to verify I knew what they were saying. LOL

I won’t even begin to tell the tales of me memorizing Marky Mark’s choreography.

Remember this?

Don’t let me find an mp3 of “step by step”! I LOVED these dudes, shady vocals and all.




2 responses

2 04 2008

I feel like you’re too young to know KNOTB? No? I thought they were more for my age group. Ok- well I’ll def be tuning in Friday.

P.S. You shoulda kept that sweater story to yourself! LOL

3 04 2008

Know? I was a groupie in the making! All of my cousins were older than me, so I listened to whatever they listened to. But I wore that sweater like I was their #1 fan!

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