I used to love…

3 04 2008

Come back Tevin!

“Baby girl, you’re the sh!t. That’s makes you my equivalent”.
I actually like the old Robin Thicke better. :-/




3 responses

3 04 2008

Those are my favorite Tevin & Robin songs.
(The other 2 won’t play.)

3 04 2008

I used to be in love with Tevin when I was younger. When I started hearing him say things that Wanda, from In Living Color, would say I figured he was rooting for the other team.

Why does Robin Thicke look like a knock-off of Orlando Bloom. I’m sure he was tired of being compared to Justin Timberlake and felt it was time to go in a different direction. He also appears much younger than when he initially came onto the music scene…

4 04 2008

Mel – Sorry bout that. Had to take ’em down. I heart Tevin!

Meika – You and the rest of the female population under 18 were in love with Tevin. I heard he was sweet too. Bummer.
And he DOES look like Orlando Bloom!

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