Coffee = crack

4 04 2008

It’s 5:39am 6:06am 6:33am and I’m wired. amped. juiced. buzzed. coffee.

It started with a cup to help me write this paper (still! yes I know). that one cup was so good that i got another. then I met the girls for a late night snack at that pancake spot. that was around 1am. i still wanted to get more work done, so i had another cup.

and another.

and another.

i’ve written exactly 423 words but i’ve mastered the ‘headers’. i’ve looked for my gavin degraw (cause i wanted to hear 1 song), my trap music (cause i wanted to hear 1 song) and my wayne wonder cause all these random @$$ songs keep popping in my head. now i wanna listen to Jeffrey Osborne.

i swear my fingers weigh 10lbs a piece right now.

if i had paint, i would paint the walls.

i have a job interview on monday.

i love this picture

…almost as much as i love this picture

i accidentally flushed the toilet paper holder down the toilet. it went down. i wasn’t trying to get it out. yuck.

i keep exploring new blogs to read but some people seem to have a lot to say while i have no little patience to read it. caffeine! my attention span is out the door. i’m functioning at a 100-word limit right now. i’m bookmarking.

all i wanna do is listen to music. i still haven’t listened to erykah’s new album, or raheem or lupe all the way through. i tried once with them all and lost interest quickly. wanna know what never loses my attention?

  • anything by donny hathaway, bill withers, luther, anita baker or prince
  • anything by outkast, the roots, little brother
  • musiq’s soulstar
  • eric clapton’s unplugged
  • esthero’s breathe from another
  • maxwell’s urban hang suite
  • radiohead
  • slum village’s detroit deli
  • paolo nutini
  • sex and the city
  • antique’s roadshow
  • talladega nights
  • coming to america (where’s the spoon? aha!!)

just about everything else sucks face. there’s a lot of bad music out there.

i’m so tired but i can’t close my eyes. i mean i can’t physically close my eyes. they’re rebelling.

does anyone watch a&e? that ‘first 48’ show is crack for my eyes. and they ALWAYS show 2 or 3 shows in a row.

i said i was dating, but it isn’t working out the way i planned. i’m afraid to meet new people so i’m just hanging with the artist. i DO remember why we broke up. i’m about to get on, eharmony, chemistry and whatever else is out there.
not really.
maybe i’ll go speed dating. maybe i’ll just MEET SOME NEW PEOPLE!!!!
wait…i did meet a guy last week. he was really polite. what’s wrong with him? you mean, besides the fat gold tooth, the fur on the jacket, the gold ring with his name in script and the oversized white tee? he was from california. LMAO!!

caffeine detox starts in 5, 4, 3, 2…




7 responses

4 04 2008

*wipes my feet at the door* first time in!

not all cali dudes dress like that.. lol. u and your random thoughts, go all over the place. but im not mad at it!

4 04 2008

I already know. I’ve met some super-cool Cali folk, but he set y’all back 15 years with his getup. Lol

4 04 2008

Did you wake up with a caffeine hangover? Did you ever get to sleep?

Good luck on your interview!!

4 04 2008

*Keeping finghers crossed for the interview!*

Hair love! I washed mine today.

And how did the toiletpaper holder get in the toilet in the first place? Shaky hands from the caffiene perhaps? lol

6 04 2008

Meika – yeah, I did. I was all groggy and completely out of it. I reduced my caffeine intake for the next few days. The problem is that now I’m up ’til 10am and sleeping til 4pm!

Mel – I saw your pics. Fabulous! I’m washing mine today too. Did you see Meikmeika’s locs? (
Definitely shaky hands. I would make a horrible drug addict! I’d drop all my stuff in the toilet! lol

6 04 2008

You’re a hoot all hyped up caffeine, I’m cracking up at the 10lb fingers! You look great in the photos, those little girls are beautiful!

8 04 2008

Sissy, if you could have seen me, you would have been ROTFL! When I drink too much coffee like that, it’s like other people drunk. Outta control!
Those are my nieces and cousin in the pic at Christmas. I love ’em. Thanks for stopping by!

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