Sisterlocked at _ _ months?

11 04 2008

I had these plans to celebrate being locked for 1 year. That was in February. I didn’t even take pictures! Sometimes I don’t like my hair. Sometimes I love it. I think I don’t like the scalp issues I have but they’ve been around for 10 years now. I want to count to see exactly how many locs I have, but…yeah, I stop at about 30 each time.

I’m going to order some Soft Spikes today and I’m taking the retightening class next month with Calla. Maybe having more control over my hair will give me more satisfaction. I dunno. But I’m not feeling it today. I have so much slippage and breakage that I feel it’s not progressing as it should, but when I read some of Brunsli’s archives, I saw that I’m in about the same stage she was in around this time. I need to be more patient, I know. I know.

I managed to dig up a few pics in picasa to show some of my hair’s recent journey. It also shows my love for college paraphernalia.
Here was my hair February 07:

The night the full installation was complete. Very scalpy. Georgia State University t-shirt.

After the installation

December 07:
Right after washing. University of Florida t-shirt.

March/April 08:
Again, right after washing.
just washed

Say “cheese”! University of Pretoria jacket and University of Florida t-shirt.

My eyes look creepy here. Pupils really small. University of Florida t-shirt.

Believe me, I do see the progress. I just wish there were more. I think the pictures are deceiving. My locs look much more mature in pics than they actually are in real life. I’m ready for them to fall straight. Enough with the shrinkage!!

Anyway, I was browsing some SL blogs and saw the need to post my own update. I’m really hoping for some major progress this year. I think handling my own retightening and trying new styles will help.
And, no, I didn’t go to UF. My sister does and helped me get just about every long-sleeved t-shirt they had in the store. Go Gators!!

Just for fun…THROWBACKS!

That is one cute little girl! 🙂




7 responses

11 04 2008

Awwwww cute. Happy belated birthday 🙂

Love your nose ring.

11 04 2008

Coop, you are so darling! Now and then….your Sisterlocks are fab. I’ve been going back and forth with deciding to get these. I think my biggest concern is that they will get so thin (when they get longer) and eventually the weight will make them break off. And they are bit on the pricey side. Would you recommend them? And then what if you have seriously dry hair? You can’t really hide the dandruff with these, uh? Giiiirl, so many questions, so little time.

And BTW, what school did/do you go to? LOL.

13 04 2008
docs locs

I’m sorry that you are so disappointed with your sisterlocks. They look great, highly textured and I like the shape of the cut. Hang in there – from what I hear, you are likely to see a big change for the positive over this second year.

14 04 2008

Docs – Thanks! I’m not disappointed today. lol . I have good days and bad days. I’m just hoping for more maturation than I’ve seen so far. I just need to be more patient, that’s all.
Thanks for stopping by!

16 04 2008

I love your hair. Its gorgeous. I was concerned about my locs being able to see the scalp and all but it is filling in quite nicely. I have maintenanced half of my head and when I go to get it done, they wont have much to do. Check out my pics on my site.

Peace and Many Blessings


18 04 2008

kimani – thanks! you’re a hair stylist so self-maintenance is probably much easier for you than for me. nice site!

29 04 2008
Sisterlocks update! « What’s the Coop of the day?

[…] also noticed that, despite what I previously thought, my locs are maturing pretty well!  I gotta get my camera batteries in order so I can post some […]

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