It’s good to know

14 04 2008

I woke up today in a fantastic mood.  I couldn’t really figure out why.  I went to bed really late after helping Tiki with her statistics homework – got more to do tonight.  I watched some episodes of ‘The First 24’ and had some Oreos and chocolate almond milk before bed.
I woke up and watched more tv (‘A Baby Story’ on TLC), did some writing, ate a mock chicken salad sandwich (damn that Whole Foods for making addictive food!) and checked my email.  Finally, I got word from the last school, Indiana, that I had not been admitted.  It’s good to know, finally.  I’m not sad about it.  I applied to 6, was admitted to 1 with funding.  All is well.

Over the past week or so, I’ve been in constant contact with professors and directors at the school in Ohio.  When I finally checked my voicemail, I had another message from the PhD Director clarifying some stuff and letting me know that he absolutely wants me to be in his program.  That made me smile.  It’s good to feel wanted.  I feel wanted.  It’s in an urban setting just like my former/current school.  I happen to check graduate school rankings and learned that the college is in the top 20%, they’re in the top 10% for urban studies and their communications (where I’ll take management and some organizational communications courses if I choose) produces an immense amount of research and publications with and without student collaboration.  That’s a good thing.

So, now me and my homie are hitting up the dollar movie to see Juno.  The dollar movie is fun ’cause it’s never crowded and it’s only $1.  I mean, what else do you want! lol

I’m making plans to drive up to Ohio next week to visit and introduce myself to people.  I’ve never been that far north, but I’m excited.

I’m in a really good mood!




4 responses

14 04 2008


Love the blog…and look at you in a good mood
All sunshiney

and WHAT’S better than Ohio? Nada!!!

What part?


15 04 2008

Congratulations on your acceptance!

Oreos sound pretty appealing right now. If you have the Vegan Deli cookbook, there is a chickenless chicken salad recipe and it’s to die for. I posted a pic on my blog. If you’d like the recipe, email me.

15 04 2008

Yaaaay, congrats! Juno is the funniest thing ever. Such a “random” movie but I enjoyed it thoroughly. And giiirl, you ain’t lie about the $1 movie. Love it! And have fun in Ohio. Ain’t much there. My Grandmother lives in the Columbus area and I want to pull my hair out every time I’m there b/c there’s nothing to do. Boo. Safe travels and I’m killin’ some Oreos now. The irony!

15 04 2008

e – Thanks for coming through. Yeah, I was extra sunny! I still am. And Cleveland.

Meika – I kinda remember seeing it. I’ll search through your archives for it. And I need to invest in some cookbooks. I only have 1 veg book. 😦

Brit – I loved the movie! Everyone was extra funny though.
I would be in the Cleveland area…but the entire state doesn’t seem to be exciting people too much. Not a good sign.

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