Dear Idris:

15 04 2008

Dear Idris Elba,
“My dear, my dear, my dear
you do not know me but i know you very well
now let me tell you ’bout these feelings i’ve had for you
and i try (or make some sort of attempt)…
damn i wish i wasn’t such a wimp
’cause then i would let you know that i love you so
and if i was your girl then i would be true
the only lying i would do was in the bed with you.”
then i’d tie in “sincerely, the one who loves you dearly
ps – love me tender”

the letter came back 3 days later
‘return to sender’

Pharcyde “Passin’ me by”
Bizarre Ride II. Go buy it yesterday if you don’t already have it.

By the way, the day I actually say that to someone, slap me.




11 responses

15 04 2008

So many people are infatuated with my husband. We’ve had to change numbers twice already this week. He appreciates your kind gestures and I’ll be sure to relay your thoughts to him.

Later tonight. 😉

15 04 2008

Wow. Idris too? First it was Floyd. Are you trying to become a polygamist Coop?

15 04 2008

ima ignore the craziness of this post bcuz the coolness factor of ‘passin me by’ cancels out the mania

15 04 2008

B – LMAO @ later tonight. Girl please!

Tur – Negative homie. polygamy is not a good look. never.

411 – When I read this comment on my blackberry, I literally laughed out loud!

15 04 2008

I was about to say. So who’s it gonna be: Idris or Floyd?

16 04 2008

Ladies, I have some bad news for you. I have heard some very disappointing things on the Idris tip. Let’s see, how can I say this…poor equipment that does not always work to standards.

16 04 2008

LMAO @ Babs!

16 04 2008

Babs – You just stole my sunshine! 😦

17 04 2008

Ok we gon fight… I have found yet another blogger going after my man.

He is already taken sweetie, and me and him are in love but I will hook you up with Wood Harris OK?


18 04 2008

Eb – Wood Harris? You’re so kind to think of me like that. lol!

12 04 2009

Wow I stubbled across this just googling the man, After years of seeing him on tv and the bigt screen I just wanted to know more, I never knew this beautiful man was from the UK but a man this GORGEOUS can only have roots that grow from the mother land. OMG ladies he is a mold of what I feel our African Kings must have looked like. He makes you wanta melt all over him then lick him clean….

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