16 04 2008

Everyone has friends, right?  Sometimes it may just be family or parents, but everyone has someone they can consider a friend in some respect.  I have this friend I’ve known for close to 2 decades.  She and my mom talk more than the 2 of us do now.  She and I aren’t so compatible; I wonder if we ever were.  But I still consider her a friend because she’s supportive and loving.  I don’t call to talk to her, don’t call her to go out and I don’t really care to just hang out with her.  No disrespect, but I always get irritated when she’s around.  Are we still friends?

Then there are the folks I talk to every week or every other week.  They know everything about me, but we just don’t talk often for a variety of reasons.  When we to have conversations, they last for hours.  When we do hang out, it’s tons of fun, but rarely happens.  We genuinely love, respect and cherish one another.  But we rarely see each other.

Then there’s the dear friend!  I talk to her several times a day.  It’s almost like we check in with each other.  She’s friends with my other friends, and I’m cool with her people.  We met in college and had to hold each other up through some rough times.  We know everything about each other and we can spend time at each others’ family’s home without feeling uncomfortable. 

So about this friendship thing, what makes friends? 
Is it shared experiences?
Is it shared interests?
Is it time alone?
Is it a combination of other things or none of the above?
Can you force friendships?




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