19 04 2008

I thought it was just allergies, but it’s gotten worse.  I’m officially sick.  Coughing, chest pains, sore throat, back aches and all that good stuff.  I felt it coming but tried to self-medicate; it only made me constantly drowsy.  When I’m healthy, I forget that I have asthma and lifelong allergies that required weekly shots as a child.   It’s for the birds.

No one likes to be sick but I was looking forward to an fun event on Saturday.  I couldn’t make it.  Sorry ladies. In fact, I haven’t left the house since Monday (I think).  Maybe the house is making me sick.  Hmm…

The heating pad has stopped working on the low setting.  I think everyone and everything is reaching its limit. lol

Hope y’all had a good weekend!  🙂
I’m off to drink more orange juice.




13 responses

20 04 2008

*Feel good vibes*

20 04 2008

I hope you get well soon…Keep up the OJ and drinking plenty of fluids.

20 04 2008

Hope you feel better soon Coop.

20 04 2008

I hope you feel better, sweets. Stay up on the vitmains.

20 04 2008

Woo woo woo Coop (a la Synclaire)

20 04 2008

AW COOP! I’m soooooo sorry you’re sick!

21 04 2008
King James

Sorry to hear that…

Hope you do get well soon. I’m so thankful I don’t have the allergies I see others with.

21 04 2008

Awww…feel better!

21 04 2008


21 04 2008

hope you feel better. GOD SPEED.

21 04 2008

Poor baby!

21 04 2008

Hey coop. I tagged you! Check out my blog for further details… 🙂

22 04 2008

Thanks for the well wishes everyone. This cough will NOT go away. But I’m doing better than a few days ago.

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