Honors Day

24 04 2008

Last night, mother bear and I attended my college’s Honors Day banquet.  I was loopy in the beginning because I had guzzled too much cough syrup on an empty stomach just before leaving home.  I didn’t realize I was loopy until my favorite professor was talking to me and I honestly couldn’t muster up words to respond.  Awkward.

So the evening started with a reception in the lobby.  Fun fingers foods were served and I was able to talk to some of my old classmates whom I hadn’t seen since the summer.  I didn’t realize I missed them until yesterday!  I actually made some really good friends in grad school.  Gonna miss them.

Back to the cough syrup – I still have a pretty bad cough and I didn’t want to be hacking through an entire banquet and awards presentation.  As I walked out the door, I took a big gulp of Robitussin.  yuck.  It calmed the cough but made me a little light-headed.  I thought it was because of the car ride.  I hadn’t been in the car for that long in about 2 weeks.  At the reception, as I tried to express my excitement for some upcoming opportunities, my prof said “are you sure you’re excited?  you seem pretty melancholy.”  I said “yeah, sure I’m excited”.  He said “oooooookay.  If you say so”.  lol

Anyway, the evening was great.  I sat next to the most hilarious classmate I’ve ever had!
I’m waiting for the pics to be posted online and I’ll steal some to post here.  lol

That’s all.  🙂




One response

26 04 2008

LOL. That reminds me of the time I took a double dose of 2 kinds of children’s cold medicine ’cause I thought it would equal one dose of adult. I was at work straight DRUNK!

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