Sisterlocks update!

29 04 2008

I was trying to get in touch with my Sisterlock consultant for weeks with no luck.  I called and left messages and got no return call.  Normally my lady’s good at answering or calling right back.  So I knew it was time (probably past time) for me to get my do done so I asked my homegirl who she goes to now (she recently changed consultants for different reasons – her old consultant was SLOW as molasses!  I mean, she’d sometimes have to get her retightenings done on 2 days!!  Can you imagine?).  She gave me Miss Alva Clemmons’ name and I called and took her first available appointment.

She was very friendly.  She has an entire shop set up in an added room in her home.  It’s quite nice too!  Tiled floors, nice chairs, big tv, beautiful artwork and the walls are painted the most beautiful shades of color.  She makes a good first impression!  I sat down and she got started.  Something I immediately  noticed was that I barely felt her working in my head.  Like, I knew that she was working, but my head wasn’t hurting.  Let me explain…
Whenever I got my hair retightened before, my I would flinch as every loc was worked on because it hurt.  I thought it was because I was tender-headed.  I’d been told that before and my SL consultant told me that as well.  I was used to getting my hair done and waiting 2 or 3 days before I could wash or style because my head would be so tender and sore.  I figured this was part of the process.  So having Alva work in my head with no discomfort made me think something was wrong.  When she snuck away to answer a phone call, I looked in the mirror at the progress and was shocked!  It was tight but not too tight.  When she returned, I told her that I wasn’t accustomed to not being in pain.  She told me that it was being done too tight and it wasn’t good, especially for the areas of my hair that are thin.  I don’t think I’ll be going back to my old consultant.  She’s great, don’t get me wrong.  But I think she’s better for folks with matured locs and not-so-tender  scalps.

So…I like her a lot!  Already made my next 6 week appointment.  I felt that she was more sensitive to the current state of my hair and where it could go.  Plus she made herself available to me and called to confirm the appointment twice.

I also noticed that, despite what I previously thought, my locs are maturing pretty well!  I gotta get my camera batteries in order so I can post some pics ASAP.




8 responses

29 04 2008

Comeoncomeoncomeon SL pics 🙂

Yay for a new gentle consultant!

29 04 2008

I can’t wait to see your pics either!

Happy to hear you found a professional and wonderful consultant. I’ve noticed that I’ve become more tender headed since getting Sisterlocks too. My head is a bit sore after my retightenings but trying to pull my hair back (even after having a bit of new growth) hurts so much…sigh. I sometimes wonder if I’ll ever be able to get my hair in a ponytail.

19 05 2008

congratulations on finding a new locktician. i missed the post about grad school…so i will have to read more for updates. peace.

23 05 2008

My new consultant rocks!

24 05 2008

Woo hoo. Consultant rock-age rocks! lol

15 05 2012

I’m in the process of a sisterlocks installation with a trainee that I found on the Sisterlocks website. It is only about 30% complete and I really don’t think that I’m going to continue with the installation. It hurts and the parts aren’t straight. I’m thinking that there is no way that I can go through this pain every six to eight weeks.

15 05 2012

It definitely shouldn’t hurt. It sounds like your consultant may be heavy-handed. You should tell them. The pocess shouldn’t be painful!


22 03 2013

Exactly what I am experiencing too tight and hair loss. I am trying to rest my scalp and recover.

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