A little bounce in my step (Sisterlocks)

30 04 2008

My friend finally contacted me. It was brief, but he’s promised that we will talk more later. Whew.

So guess who experimented with rollers today? ME! I was bored and I had found some of my mom’s super old school, plastic rollers and I went for it. I was looking very Big Worm-ish (a la Friday). Remember him?

This is how my hair usually looks. It just kinda falls where it may. I think this was right before I went to see ‘big’.

This was my attempt at an ‘up-do’ before my retightening. Sad. lol
By the way, I finally counted and I have approximately 430 locs.

This is the end result of the quick roller set. I lightly spritzed my hair with water and left the curlers in for about 30-45 minutes. It’s very bouncy now!

First curls 1First curls 2

See, I was watching A Baby Story! It’s an everyday thing.

First curls 3

At first, the curls were rather, um…matronly, but that’s what you get when you use your mother’s supplies. I had to do some serious finger combing to make it look younger. I was looking like a Golden Girl at first. lol
First curls 4

After a few hours, much of the initial curl had fallen.

These plastic rollers were uncomfortable. I do like the soft bend my hair has and I like the bounciness and volume. I’ll definitely try this again but leave them in longer. I ordered some Soft Spikes weeks ago but the package was lost. 😦 I have to file a claim to get a refund but can’t ’til May 5th. Ellen at SS and the folks at my post office have been very helpful in the meantime. I can’t wait to try those Soft Spikes out. I think I’ll be able to keep them in longer because I can sleep on them.

I felt like posting some pics today. 🙂




10 responses

30 04 2008

Looking lovely Ms. Coop! I can’t wait until my locks are that long.

And yeah, looking Big-Wormish, but you look waaaaaaaaaaaay better than he did.

Aaaaaaaaaaand you might want to join Baby Story Addicts Anonymous. Just a thought. Juuuuuuust a thought…

30 04 2008

Glad you finally heard from your friend.

30 04 2008

Your hair is soooo long. I can’t wait ’til mine get that long. I know, I know….I gotta loc it up first, but still.

What’s up, Big Perm?

I mean…Big Worm.

Best movie ever.

3 05 2008

Friday is one of those movies you can watch over and over and laugh more each time…

The curls are very nice! I was thinking of ordering SS’s as well but don’t know if I’ll actually use them.

Keep the pics comin!!

3 05 2008

love the sense of humor. nice pictures. nice hair.

3 05 2008

Love the curls. Those are my favorite rollers to use, they leave so much bounce. Unfortunately the curls don’t last very long. Anyhow your locks have really grown they look good!

4 05 2008

Uh oh, Get ’em Coop!

7 05 2008

Hey Cutie. Lookin good!

19 05 2008

your hair looks great!

23 05 2008

Mel- You’re silly. I think you’d really like these Soft Spikes I just bought. FAB-U-LOUS!

Brit – I miss my ‘fro too.

Meika – I just got my Soft Spikes. I LOVE them. They’re so much softer and easier to use. Im able to roll my hair dry and sleep on them for nice curls the next day. I think you’ll like them too.

don – thanks!

sistalocd – I’m giving up on the plastics. They hurt to sleep in. 😦

brran, Babs and Muslimah – Thanks y’all!

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