They think I’m an international student!

5 05 2008

I was told about a really good summer position with a government agency.  I sent my resume, cover letter and writing sample in immediately.  I got a quick response asking when my graduation date was.

I answered.

Got another response that said this:

Great!  And it looks like you’ve done quite a bit of international study.  Are you a US citizen or a permanent resident, or are you an international student at GSU?

My first reaction was “of course I’m a citizen”.  After a minute I realized that this is probably a common assumption of folks who read my resume.  I have more international stuff than education and my name doesn’t really give any clues about where I’m from.  I bet lots of folks have thought I was a doggone international student!

I’m going to update my resume now.  I have to find the best way to capitalize on all my experience but be clear about having an American passport.  :-/




2 responses

6 05 2008

yeah… you could have your own show on the travel channel.

*thinking* i’m not so sure having people think you’re an international student is such a bad thing

23 05 2008

It is when they don’t wanna sponsor anyone. 😦

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