Congrats grads! + wisdom from SATC

7 05 2008

This past weekend, mom and I went down to Florida to attend my big sister’s graduation.  She finished her undergraduate degree in family, youth and community studies with a concentration in some kind of education.  We clearly have a pattern of wordy majors in this family.  lol  I wanted to post pictures but I seem to have lost my camera cord.  😦  That sucks.

Anyway, congrats to all the grads – high school, college and grad school – and best wishes!  I’ll be right back in Florida in a few weeks for my cousin’s graduation.  I’m hoping gas prices go down in the meantime.  My goodness…

So, I caught an episode of Oprah with the cast from Sex and the City (one of my favorite shows ever!) and they said something really profound: your twenties are a time to figure stuff out.  There was a brief discussion after that about how people tend to think that folks have to ‘get it together’ during their twenties.  If you think about it, only a few years before your twenties you were a teenager.  No one expects teens to have everything figured out.  Why, then, should twenty-somethings?
I think it was Charlotte who said her twenties were sad, her thirties were ok and her forties are a time to figure it all out.  I like that…except the sad part!  So I’m spending the next 5 years learning  and doing and I’ll figure out the important stuff when I’m in my thirties.  So to hell with the stress and worrying about what’s next.  I’m just doing.

Got it?




4 responses

7 05 2008

I’m with you!!!

8 05 2008

Grads… Hey that’s me!!!

14 05 2008

It’s funny how a show named Sex and the City can hit so many life issues on the head. I’m in my twenties and by most standards, have it together. But I can tell you I’m a mess. I feel like just yesterday I was in high school. I’m trying to figure out what exactly I want out of life but it’s a work in progress.

Great blog!

23 05 2008

Congrats Mel! That was secretly a note just to you anyway. lol

Willy – Thanks for stopping by. We’re kindred spirits! I’m working everyday to figure it out too. Let me know if you know any secrets to it.

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