White horse + A-town classics

12 05 2008

It started off with me trying to listen to “Star Kitty’s Revenge” online.  I could only find 3 or 4 full-length songs.  I don’t know where my cd is but I used to listen to this album daily.  Techno pimpin’!  Anyway, I listened to “lick” a few times then read that it was a sample of some “White horse” song.  I didn’t know the song, so I googled it. 
Come to find out I do know the song…very well!!  And it’s been sampled a million times, even by Kilo Ali!!  But what tripped me out the most was learning that the dudes were from Denmark!  I thought they were some brothers from Chicago.  They had me fooled.  lol

So now it’s stuck in my head. 

Speaking of Kilo Ali, look what good ol’ youtube supplied me with:
Kilo Ali – Show me love 
KP & Envyi – Shorty Swing My Way (Polow Da Don has a curl in the video!)
Ghost Town DJs – My boo
A-Town Players – Wassup Wassup
Raheem The Dream – The Most beautiful girl

I have the sudden urge to go to West End Mall now.  lmao  Good memories!




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