23 05 2008

What ever happened to…

Clearly Canadian

and Mark Morrison?

Just wondering

I love, love, love Donny Hathaway, Eric Clapton and Paolo Nutini.

Yeah I’m slacking on this blog right now. Sorry. Haven’t gone to my blogroll in weeks.

Did I tell you about the day I went to get my gun permit? Embarrassing! All these couples were there getting marriage licenses. I was the only single person! Why would 2 things so different be handled by this 1 lady in this 1 office…with only 6 chairs in the waiting area. Lol

I’m on a weight loss kick. Gotta lose it. ASAP. Been walking 2-3.5 miles a night.

I’m 65% sure I’m moving.

Will Smith= Mr. Summer Blockbuster. Anyone seen the previews for his new action film? It’s called Hitchcock or Hancock.

I love Anthony Bourdain. 50 year old accomplished chef who owns no property (home or vehicle) but travels regularly and basically does exactly what he wants to do everyday. And still gets paid for it.

I cracked the screen on my phone and I’m not gonna get it fixed. It fits me.

I think I need new rotors on this car…again.

My new favorite meal is tomatoes and rice. And by “tomatoes and rice” I mean Minute Rice with a can of diced tomatoes w/garlic and onion. I can eat 2 cans at a time it’s so good.

I’m having a hard time finding restaurants that serve eggless pasta. 😦 I really want some ravioli. But Dulce Vegan’s brownies are devine!

I love my Soft Spikes!

I have closets of clothes but I wear 5 Polo shirts and 5 Gator shirts over and over.

Can’t wait ’til May 30th. Sex and The City!

I really want to be in Portland tomorrow. No reason.

My grandma had this clock by her bed. It looked digital but it really had numbers on a rolodex-ish wheel. Every single minute of the day, those numbers snapped in place and would scare the mess outta me!

Why do guys have such small waists? Doesn’t seem fair.

I bought a card reader. Its a great timesaver for you folks with multiple cameras and memory cards.

I’m bringing turtlenecks back. With penny loafers.

I wanna go swimming. I’ll only go when no one is looking though! I’m so uncomfortable in my skin right now.

I’m tired of folks calling me just to bitch and complain. If you know what the problem is but you do nothing to fix it, keep it to yourself. I’m tired of offering advice for nothing.

What would I do without ceiling fans?

Who isn’t rooting for the South African double amputee? I’m so on the bandwagon!

Had a fantastic cookout last weekend:

I wore my ‘vegetarianism is environmentalism’ shirt to make folks feel guilty about eating meat. Didn’t work.

And here’s my sister’s graduation:

The cake was super, SUPER bootleg! Don’t laugh.

By the way, if someone doesn’t invite you to an event, they don’t want you there. End of discussion.




4 responses

24 05 2008
Babs O'Leary

The irony about the permit office is funny.

I shall try your rice and tomatoes. Seems like a quick dinner.

24 05 2008

Clearly Canadian… Aaah that was good stuff! I haven’t had a bottle in a few years. I used to get it all the time when I worked on base. There was something special about the blue glass bottles. Man Coop, now I want a bottle! It’s all good though b/c I don’t drink carbonated drinks anymore.

And umm now come no fotos of the spikes. I wanna see! I demand pics!!!

(And yes I am dancing to the MM song right now :-P)

25 05 2008

Portland??? ok?

I’m never complaining to you again

I suggest you get your brake pads checked every six months and take it easy on the brakes. rotors are freaking expensive!

let me know when you’re at 95% moving… make sure you call before you actually move

i loved clearly canadian too!!!

22 06 2008

Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

cheers, Democratic!!

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