Mellow-smooth playlist

28 05 2008

I’m always listening to music – in my car, in the shower, before bed, when I’m exercising. I love it. Here’s what I’ve been listening to lately:

Noel Gourdin – “The River”
Honestly, I think this is a song Donny Hathaway would sing if he were still alive and well in 2008. It’s wonderful.

John Mayer – “The Village Sessions”
Not that I didn’t like Continuum, but it’s like he peeked in my brain and saw my thoughts and did everything I was thinking on these tracks and made them better. Love JM.

Joi – “Star Kitty’s Revenge”

Amel Larrieux – “Bravebird”
Her voice is like pure silk.

Paolo Nutini – “These Streets”
I never get tired of this album.

Emily King – “East Side Stories” thanks to thaboogiemonsta for the recommendation!
Steph, you’ll love her.

OutKast – “ATLiens”
Listen to track 7 for mention of my high school. 😉

Estelle – “Shine”

Algebra – “Purpose”

Maxwell – “Embrya”

This is such a mellow group of albums and I’ve done it on purpose. I’m absolutely rejecting any negativity and ill-feelings coming my way. No stress allowed. I’m cool, calm and stressless. I love it!

I had a conversation with this guy recently about performers. He was convinced that Maxwell puts on the best show ever. I’ve seen Maxwell live several times and, although I adore him, I had to disagree. My top performer(s) would have to be Prince and Jill Scott. I’m lucky in that I’ve never been to a bad show. I learned early on that I don’t like big venues (arenas and stadiums) so I only go to shows at smaller spots. That improves the experience so much! Did I tell you about the Anthony Hamilton concert at the Roxy when he disappeared mid-song only to reappear right next to me in the audience still singing?!?! Awesome.

So…who are your favorite live performers?

And the ‘reviews’ on are hilarious! Some are paragraphs long. I think some people are practicing their journalism skills out or something. I mean, people go through each track on an album and give you a detailed analysis of the rhyme pattern, production, the artist’s growth and everything. Dude, you don’t get paid for this. Chill!




8 responses

28 05 2008
Countess Lboogie

I’m glad I could put you on to Emily King 🙂 (BTW she’s gonna be at Sugarhill in the Underground with PJ Morton on Wednesday, June 4th, I’m so gonna be there!) You should also check out Jazzyfatnastees, Lisa Shaw and April Hill — they have pretty great albums too.

My favorite live performers are Erykah Badu, Alice Smith, Teena Marie, Prince, Maze featuring Frankie Beverly, Kindred the Family Soul, Jaguar Wright…I think that’s a good list.

28 05 2008

I’m really not the one for concerts… but i really enjoyed hearing the O’Jays live… but then again I’m such an old soul. I think I’d really freak over going to an “Old Soul” concert with people 45 and older

I’ve heard Emily King and really like her single… i’ll definitely check out her album!

28 05 2008

As far as live performers go I don’t have a fav. I’ve seen Kanye & Usher (Truth Tour); Talib & Fabolous (concert at my school); and Avant and some others at a Ladies Night concert. None of them were particularly spectacular to me. I’d really like to see Alicia, John, and Anthony (and a few others) live. I think I’d like them.

28 05 2008

I loooove Emily King. She is fire! And Algebra. And that Noel needs to drop an album STAT!

29 05 2008
King James

Coop.. I just seen Jill Scott for the first time live… a few months back in DC. AWESOME!!! She’s such a great artist.. working the crowd and giving us more than two hours of good show!

Raheem D. was there too. He realy did well also.

1 06 2008

You ladies are putting me on to some great artist. I would have to say PJ Morton and Jazzspects. They are both on the Atlanta scene. Oh, and Common has a nice live show. I’m going to check Emily King out. I’ve been hearing her name a lot.

2 06 2008

Wait a minute. Emily King’s gonna be in ATL on 6/4? I’ve been wanting to see her live since forever.

My favorite live performers: Jill Scott & Jay-Z

2 06 2008
Countess Lboogie

Yep, she’s gonna be at the Underground right in downtown ATL on Wednesday night….and guess what? Advance tix are only $10!!!!

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