Off to Ohio

4 06 2008

Experimenting with posting via my phone. I’m sitting on the runway.

So I’m off to Ohio to visit the school. I’m less than excited. Why? Well I had an awesome interview with a Federal agency’s Office of Inspector General for a position. Full-time. If given the choice of going to school now or working for the Fed, I’m gonna work for the Fed. School will always be here but I’ve been trying since ’04 to get on with a Federal agency.

Anyway, I hope the weather’s nice. I keep thinking the city’s gonna stink! Lol.

And Hillary is Mrs. Buzzkill #1. How dare she?

Oh, and I was invited to go to Barbados in October!!




4 responses

4 06 2008
Babs O'Leary

Yeah, I like the Obama/Edwards ticket too!

Have fun in Slow-hio. It might stink of cows. They are everywhere.

5 06 2008

All these opportunities… Tis the season of The Coop 🙂

5 06 2008

Obama is the man!

I hope you have a good trip. Be prepared for lots of flat, boring, fields in Ohio! Hahaha.

9 06 2008

Babs and Andrea – I stuck to the downtown Cleveland area and the very close suburbs. I did see some boring areas on the metro ride back to the airport, but I didn’t see any cows! It was alright. No Atlanta, that’s for sure.

Mel – Tis the season to be jolly! lol

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