Notes on Ohio

9 06 2008

I’m glad to back in Atlanta. The midwest will take some getting used to.

I met extensively with the director of the doctoral program and the coordinator of my area of concentration. I learned that they’d already waived several classes for me since I’d recently completed similar work for my MPA. That took the time needed to complete the coursework down from 3.5-4 years to 2-2.5. Add 2-3 semesters for writing the dissertation and I’m outta there. Plus I’ll be teaching my own courses in my second year and collaborating on research with 2 highly productive academic departments.

I thought a lot about the opportunity with the Fed and school. Both are great opportunities in very different ways. I’ve wanted to earn my doctorate degree for a very, very long time. I’ve also wanted some stability for a long time. I want to be in a position that will allow me to continue to learn. One will do so in a more straight-forward way. I argued before that school will always be an option and it could be put off. Not true. In fact, after working for several years, it will be hard to adjust to a modest stipend to live off of. But who’s to say a “good” job will be waiting for me after school.

It’s hard to do pros and cons of 2 good things. Both require some sort of sacrifice but both can have great rewards. In the end, I had to remember what my ultimate goal always was: to earn my doctorate degree from a respected university.

So I’m moving to Ohio.

Am I nervous? yep
Scared? yes
Anxious? sure am
Excited? absolutely

I found a small apartment on the west side. It includes ALL of my utilities so all I’m responsible for (in addition to rent) is phone and cable. With heating rates scheduled to increase substantially over the next year, I think I struck gold with this place. Small it is, but it’s only me. On the lake.

Here are a few pics from the trip:
There’s Kool-Aid in the Subways here

What the heezie is ‘Jesus salad’?

At Tommy’s, a great vegetarian-friendly restaurant on Coventry

The view from the roof of my new place. I’m a little worried about lake-effect snow. :-/

My college’s building is very nice. I lucked up.

At 18th and Euclid, a block away from my college.

It’s greener than I expected. There are lots of bridges so you don’t have to slush through the snow in the winter.

Some baseball team plays here.

Fresh crepes at the West Side Market. I will likely do all of my food shopping here. Cheap and fresh.

Breads baked fresh daily and there are lots to choose from.

Lots of coffee and tea, too.

I always wondered just how big this thing was. It’s very big. And his arms are insane.

Back to the South.

The city’s cool.  The lake didn’t stink.  Everything I wanted to see was between 7 and 8.5 miles from downtown.  There isn’t as much to see in Cleveland, but you don’t have to travel far for essentials.  The market is on the west side, I’m living on the west side and Target, Whole Foods, Food Co-op and Trader Joe’s aren’t too far.  My university is right downtown on the main street (just like Georgia State!) so I can easily take the bus everyday.

That’s that.




8 responses

9 06 2008

Welcome back to the A Coop. It sure is hot down here huh?

9 06 2008
Babs O'Leary

Guuurllll, you don’t know COLD until you have lived on the lake. I cannot wait to hear these stories come winter.

Congrats!! I think you are making the right decision.

10 06 2008

wow! i kinda knew you were gonna go. you’re such the little academian! from the looks of it, you’re gonna really like ohio. i wish you the best!

10 06 2008

you saw so many thing!! yay! i work VERY close to CSU. once you get settled we should meet up and i’ll show you around even more : )

10 06 2008

B – ‘hot’ isn’t even close. some things you never get used to.

Babs – I know! Since I can keep the heat blasting all day, I had to jump on the cheap unit. I cried when my prof told me his heating bill was $400 last year.

steph – Thanks! Flicks on 5th soon, right?

alexa – i had days filled with meetings so i wasn’t able to get in touch while there. i didn’t forget you though! i’ll shoot you an email when i’ve unpacked the car (Aug 1).

10 06 2008

Hi ho. Hi ho. Off to Ohio you go! Can’t wait to hear all the stories about life in Ohio.

(And guess what… I’m going meatless this week…. Ugh…)

11 06 2008

absolutely! i’m trying to think of sandwiches i can make!

13 06 2008

Have fun in Cleveland! Look out for my future husband 😉 It was nice meeting you last night.

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