ET phone home

20 06 2008

As part of my girl’s week-long birthday celebration, we agreed to meet at Centennial Olympic Park for their viewing of “E.T.”. Cool stuff. Evening summer breezes, free movies, packed lunches and lots of cool people.

Two of my coworkers were going with their daughters, so I tagged along with them to the park to get prime seats before the crowd got too big.

Then I was joined by the birthday girl (who cut off her locs!)

…and the one and only brran who hasn’t posted any pics on his page, so I won’t put him on blast. But let me say one thing: dude is too damn tall! He seriously had me by about a foot-foot and a half. I wasn’t prepared. He’s cool as a fan though and we bonded over the forgotten plot of “E.T.”.
Hope you enjoyed yourself b!

The crowd thickened up nicely before the movie began.

Centennial is much smaller than Piedmont Park (the original Screen On The Green venue), but it’s more accessible via public transit. I’m hoping that the water shortage situation is alleviated and it can be moved back to Piedmont. Even so, it was a wonderful night…and “E.T.” still scared me when he looked like Ashy Larry. LMAO!.

Good night.




7 responses

20 06 2008

Awww, looks like fuuuun. ET used to scare the mess outta me.

20 06 2008

Remember that ET needs the WHOLE jar of vaseline. No creature should EVER be that damn ashy. LOL

I definitely had fun. We should do it again.

And I’m not THAT tall. Go ‘head and post them pics. I bet you got folks thinkin im like 9’5″ or something. LOL

20 06 2008
Countess Lboogie

I’m glad you and brran had fun! I had planned to meet you guys there, but a situation popped up and prevented me from making it down there…I’m so there the next time.

20 06 2008

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! Shoot, I’m still scared of ET.

23 06 2008

i thought i was the only one scared of ET!!! i haven’t seen it since i was 5 because it scared me so much.

24 06 2008
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[…] got home from chillin with Coop around 1 AM the other night. Instead of heading straight back to the apartment, I went cruising […]

26 06 2008

So apparently everyone is afraid of ET. Hmmm…

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