It’s simple

25 06 2008

If I call you and don’t leave a message, it’s not so important.

If you call me and leave a message, don’t text me too.  And definitely don’t send 2 text messages.

If I call you and don’t leave a message, don’t call back 3 times!

It’s simple.




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25 06 2008

LOL!!!! I’m that person, who if I don’t answer when you call me and you don’t leave a voice message, calling you back in a panic. I don’t know what’s up with me but anytime I miss a call from someone I’m close to I get all stressed and anxious and want to make sure that person is ok. Not that they wouldn’t leave a voice message if it were an emergency…I know I’m just a nutball!

25 06 2008

Why don’t people understand these things?

OMG, I’m so over these nuts.

25 06 2008
Countess Lboogie

LOL that’s funny.

26 06 2008

@ Meika – Now I know who to blame for 10 missed calls in 5 minutes! LOL

Brit – I co-sign.

27 06 2008


27 06 2008

does the person calling and texting and all that even know you?! b/c they definitely wouldn’t be doing this if they even knew you the slightest bit!

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