Women are CRAZY

3 07 2008

Yesterday, I had a little date with a certain special someone (I think I may have referred to him as Mr. BS).  We went out for margaritas and tequila at a local spot.  I had just told him I was moving to Ohio and just wanted to spend some time with him while I could.  He just celebrated his 31st birthday and we’ve dated off and on (and off and on) since before his 25th birthday.  Lots of history there.

While enjoying our Texas pitcher, his phone rings for 2 seperate calls.  It’s the same girl.  She keeps calling back to back.  He says he’s only seen this girl once…the day he met her.  Hmmm…
Well he finally answers the phone and tells her he’ll call her later.  She stopped calling.  But here’s the crazy part: chick has a man.  Uh huh.  She wants him because she’s tired of her man.  But she’s still with him.

Back at BS’ crib, we chilled, chatted some more, watched Martin and The First 48 and sometime after 11:48, I passed out.  At 3:34am, I woke up to the sound of his phone ringing…and someone banging on the door.  Yep.  He leaves the room for a few minutes, comes back and is pissed.  I ask if everything’s alright.  He says ‘hell nah.  somebody just showed up at my house and i don’t appreciate it.  this girl is acting crazy.’  I grab my stuff and go in an extra bedroom.  If she’s been there before, she knows where his room is and clearly she sees the extra car outside.  I just got my eyebrows threaded so I am not trying to mess up my face.  Not today.
So I’m in the extra bedroom, looking at all his niece’s toys and listening to the conversation happening on the other side of the house.  All i can hear is her saying ‘for real!’, ‘are you serious?’, ‘what?’ and ‘but why?’.  At this point, BS’ brother is up too (I heard him leave his room) and I don’t hear his voice either.  He comes to the room after after about 20 minutes and still looks pissed.  I’m asking ‘what’s going on?’.  He says ‘this chick is drunk as hell, begging for me back’.  WTF?!?!  He says that she broke it off with them in February because she wanted to travel.  Now at 3:34am, she’s popped up at his house, under the influence asking for him back.  I don’t know much about relationships, but I’m assuming this is a big no-no.  First of all, drunk dialing is bad enough.  Drunken confrontations are even worse, but drunk driving is an absolute negative.  No.  Never.  Uh uh.  But showing up at someone’s house unannounced and you’re not even dating.  That’s just ridiculous.

Back to the story-so he’s in the room telling me all this and says she’s left finally.  I know I’m not gonna be able to sleep because I’m a little paranoid about the safety of my car outside, but I go back to his room and lay down while he goes and talks to his bro.  Then – you will not believe this – I hear a female’s voice at the window right beside the bed I’m laying on shouting ‘open the damn door BS.  I’m not f***ing playing with you.  Open the g**damn door.  OPEN THE DOOR!’.  I’m frozen.  I don’t know if she can see in the room because all the lights are off but the tv’s on.  I don’t know if she has a weapon…and the window’s open.  Maybe the tequila hadn’t worn off yet, but I was cool as a cucumber.  I just sat there listening at her sound like a fool in this nice neighborhood at 4am.  Plus my left eye was on the weapons on his night table and my right eye was on the window, just in case she did get in the room.  Cool as a fan, I say.

He comes back to the room and says ‘this crazy chick is back’.  ‘No sh!t’ I’m thinking.  He calls the police and she dips.  Again.  lol

I wasn’t gonna wait for her to come back again, so I left while he was still on the phone with the police.  I drove with my eyes on the rearview mirror and took a detour in case she was following me. 


He called me while I was driving home and apologized several times.  Says it’s never happened.  I believe it.  Hell, I practically lived there before.  Now I’m all paranoid to hang out with him again.  But I only have a month left in Atlanta.  😦

FYI – He’s 31, no kids, never married, same job with a major company for 8 years, owns his house, owns his car(s), loves his mother and father, always pays, takes good care of himself, wants kids and treats me very well.  I’m not surprised that chicks would chase after him.  I am kinda surprised at the desperation.  It’s not a good look, ladies!




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3 07 2008

Dear, sweet, young Coop. Let me tell you a little something that you might not quite understand…chicks don’t act wild-eyed and crazy unless bodily fluids have been exchanged. I’m betting chick that called during dinner and chick that was at the bedroom window are the same chick. Either way, he’s given them both a reason to act this way.

3 07 2008

LOL! I already know. Believe me, I get it! But I won’t even show up to my sister’s house unannounced at 4am!

4 07 2008

So sad…. She’s asking for him back but she already has a man?! I agree with you that women are crazy, she couldn’t atleast wait until it was daylight outside to act up and not wake up the neighbors? Maybe her actual man is tired of her and knows more-than-likely she’s been cheating and had enough… I’m a need her to care enough for herself not to drink and drive… I don’t know what I would have done if I were you in the situation. I know you were tempted to tell that woman to shut the hell up!!!! LOL!!!!

4 07 2008

See what happens when WE PUT IT DOWN!?!?!? Have chicks singing that one Ciara and 50 Cent song…*singing* “I cant leave ’em alone…” LOL

4 07 2008

What the heck? Was it a full moon? You know what they say… “The freaks come out at night…”

6 07 2008

that situation could have been sooooooo much worse (for you and your car) than “cool as a fan”! you know what i’m thinking (so i won’t soap box it up for you)… people don’t just talk crazy anymore… they act crazy too!

9 07 2008

I keep looking back at these comments laughing! Y’all are funny.

And no, it wasn’t a full moon, Mel. :-/

1 08 2008

Babs is right on point. Funny and sad story, but well written.

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