Work, work and more work

9 07 2008

I’ve worked non-stop since Thursday…and I’m beat. I’m absolutely grateful for the extra hours (and the raise I recently got!) but I’m so tired now. Standing on your feet chasing kids for hours on end isn’t always a good time.
Plus yesterday was a big free event and all of Atlanta brought all of the neighborhood kids. Why were there 13 year olds hogging toys meant to be used by 4 year olds?? People, just because it’s free doesn’t mean you need to drag everyone you know. Bad @$$ kids drove me crazy.

Anyway, I’m enjoying the day off. It’s back to the normal grind tomorrow. I never even asked how your weekend was.

So…what did y’all get into last weekend? Cookouts? Reunions? Anyone catch Hancock? No spoilers please!



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10 07 2008

You’re back! Yay! I was about to put an e-APB on your butt.

I haven’t seen Hancock, but I want to see it. From what I’ve heard it is a good movie. It’s sexy Will. ‘Nuff said B-)

Yes I went a cookout. The most ghetto cookout EVER. I must say it was quite amusing though.

10 07 2008

My bf’s cousin had a BBQ….He made me a veggie lasagne since I couldn’t eat anything else and it wasn’t too bad. I did make burger buns and had a Boca burger on them to make me feel a bit normal…ha!

I have yet to see Hancock myself. My two bffs said it was good but not great. They didn’t really go into explanation cause they didn’t want to spoil it but I agree with Mel, “It’s sexy Will…”

Shame on those 14 year old kids hoggin all the toys, which weren’t for them in the first place!!!

10 07 2008

LMAO- you and noisy, rambunctious kids?!?!?!?! i could only imagine!

we were in e.p and dad grilled some ribs. we celebrated my mom-in-law’s birthday on sunday (check my pics on fb… you’ve got to see the video of my nephews dancing!)

11 07 2008

I was in Atlanta with my friends from college but then they started irritating the heck out of me so I had to leave them 😉 Saturday I went to dinner to celebrate my friend’s mother’s birthday. It was just a weekend of celebrations.

When are we hanging out?

14 07 2008

Mel – LOL@ e-APB! The work schedule has completely thrown me off.
But I bet that food was good, huh?

Meika – I have that same feeling…hoping no one notices that my burger is a perfect circle!

Steph – Girl if you were there you’d see the craziness that happens every week. CRAZY. I’m hoping over to FB now.

Coco – Celebrations are always fun. We need to do something really soon. I’m outta here soon. 😦

16 07 2008

All I had was corn on the cob, macaroni salad, and beans. Remember I’m still on the no meat thing, but it is ending shortly.

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