Easy Mexican rice bowl

18 07 2008

I don’t really post recipes much, but I was so excited about this that I called Steph and she told me I should blog about it. So here it goes!

Last night I made an easy Mexican rice bowl out of stuff I had around the house. I started by cooking the brown rice, which takes quite a while. I had purchased some brown basmati rice from the farmers market a long time ago.
When it was just about done, I heated up some vegetarian refried beans from Trader Joe’s. They were already seasoned nicely and only half a gram of fat per serving.
I also had a can of original Ro*Tel (tomatoes w/ green peppers), some sliced mushrooms, pickled jalapenos and a little Tofutti sour cream.

I just layered it all in a deep bowl: rice, then Ro*Tel, then mushrooms and peppers with a touch of sour cream on top. I put the beans on the side in the same bowl. I was totally winging this but it was DELICIOUS! Besides the sour cream, I believe it was Smash appropriate. I’m sure it would be good for meat-eaters with some strips of grilled chicken or steak. With all of the flavor from the beans and tomatoes, I didn’t miss butter (on the rice) or cheese. It didn’t need it.

It was so good y’all…and cheap!

Tomorrow night I’m gonna attempt some brown fried rice with some zucchini, squash, onions and mushrooms to rival Babs and MeikMeika has a recipe for a soup with greens and beans that I wanna try.

Who else has good healthy(ish) recipes? Brit? Brran?? Steph??? Spill it!




5 responses

18 07 2008

I wish I had a healthy recipe for you but…. no, i still can’t think of one. i’ll come back with i can

18 07 2008

I’ve been on that sauteed cabbage, onion and corn. So good!

19 07 2008

Ohh yummmmy, that sounds good. I haven’t been whipping my creative stuffs like that. I’m keepin’ it basic: baked chicken, grilled fish, brown rice, cabbage, green veggies, blackberries, water, water and water. And yummy fruit smoothies or oatmeal for breakfast. Looks like you doing a fab job. I’m proud of you! Keep up the great work!

20 07 2008

Pizza – I use either a whole wheat tortilla or some flat bread, marinara sauce, boca crumbles and all the veggies you have in your fridge or you can make it mexican style with refried beans, tomatoes, peppers, etc…

I do need some healthier recipes in my life though…

28 07 2008

Babs – I’ve never had sauteed cabbage. I always eat it that slow cooked way, with meat or (now) vegetable stock. Gotta try that one.

Brit – Isn’t water the best thing ever!?!? It’s like 500degrees outside right now. All I’m drinking is cold water.
Do you make your own smoothies?

Meika – I’ve made my own pizza only a few times and I always enjoyed it. Mexican pizza sounds delish!

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