28 07 2008

Forever I Love Atlanta.
A photographic journey.





12 responses

28 07 2008

I’ll be there this weekend! Hell….I’m trying to move there next year but that’s another conversation. Did I miss something? Where are you movin’ to, ma’am?

28 07 2008

I’ll miss you. I’m leaving on Thursday.
Yeah I’m moving to Ohio for school. Getting my PhD!

29 07 2008

Forever Atlanta love you!

29 07 2008

Ahhhh, man and to think we didn’t even get to met. Best of luck with everything!

29 07 2008

meet. (fix that for ya girl) LOL!!!!

29 07 2008
Countess Lboogie

So glad we got to meet at game night (finally) and hang with brran at Sugarhill! Best of luck to you in Ohio!

29 07 2008

Much success to you in Cleveland!

29 07 2008

Best of luck in the Ph.D. program and don’t forget to look for my future husband!

29 07 2008

Thanks, thanks, thanks to all of y’all!

Fergie – You’re too funny!!

Coco – Um…I’m gonna need some more info on your future boo. LOL

29 07 2008

It was a pleasure to meet you (@ Bab’s party)! I hope to get a PhD soon myself, so hopefully you will keep blogging.

30 07 2008

Happy trails to you and good luck on your PhD!

31 07 2008

I wish we would have gotten another chance to chill before you left, but it’s all good. Have a safe trip, and txt a brotha sometime!

I have a feeling I’m gonna do a post like this before I leave to head back home.

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